Every valuable piece of jewelry has meaning. In many cases, the design and the selected stones are particularly significant, giving meaning to the jewelry even before you wear it. Such is the case with opal jewelry, whether it be an opal necklace, opal earrings, or any other jewelru design featuring the one of a kind stone.

Opal jewelry is not only eye-catching and attractive. Beyond its natural beauty and unique patterns lie its invisible significance. There’s a reason why opal is a stone with historical consequence.

References to opal gemstones by the ancient philosopher Pliny the Elder have been found dating as early as 23 to 79 AD. It is said that opal gemstones were first mined as far back as 400 BC. The name “opal” itself comes from the Sanskrit word “upala”, which means precious stone. It was also later on derived from the Greek term “opallios”, which refers to seeing a change in color. It’s no surprise that the captivating hues of opal made opal jewelry especially attractive even in ancient times.

Opal actually has quite a turbulent history. In ancient roman history, wives were given opal jewelry to bring good luck. It was regarded as an incredibly precious and indomitable gemstone. Opal necklaces, earrings and other forms of opal jewelry were also closely associated with royalty and good fortune.

However, as time went by, opal jewelry began to develop an unfounded and undeserved reputation for bad luck. This is largely attributed to Sir Walter Scott who wrote the novel Anne Geuerstein. In his best-selling novel, Sir Walter Scott depicts a piece of opal jewelry being destroyed after accidentally coming into contact with holy water. While this fictional depiction caused individuals to shun opal earrings, opal necklaces, opal rings – all different types of opal jewelry – its natural beauty would not prevent it from increasing in popularity once again.

An incredible black opal was discovered in South Wales, Australia in the 1800’s, which revived the gemstone’s popularity and reignited the desire for all different types of opal jewelry. Opal’s uniquely captivating iridescent colors and textures continue to give it a mysterious and mythical aura.

Historically, opal has also been considered as a symbol for one’s fidelity, commitment and troth. Wearing an opal ring would signify all this. Today, it is one of the favored alternatives to the traditional diamond engagement ring. However, it is important to note that the vivid stone is not as hard and durable as other gemstones. This means that it requires extra love and care when worn on a daily basis.

Opal is also the birthstone of those born in October. Therefore, an opal necklace or opal earrings, whether it be with white, green, red, black or any other color of opal, is an ideal personalized present for anyone whose birthday is in October. In additional to this, opal is traditionally gifted as present on a couple’s 14th wedding anniversary. It is also said to be an appropriate gift on the 18th and 24th wedding anniversaries in other countries, such as the United States.

Aside from the beauty of wearing opal jewelry, many individuals don opal as a symbol of hope and purity. The enchanting gemstone is also strongly associated with happiness, loyalty, and confidence. Along with these symbolisms associated with opal gemstones, many believe it to also have strong therapeutic powers, particularly for eye ailments and diseases. It is likewise said to boost healing processes. Regardless of what your own personal beliefs are, there is no doubt that wearing opal jewelry is both beautiful and meaningful.