They say all that glitters is not gold and well, that’s certainly true. When it comes to gold jewelry, there’s much more to it than meets the naked eye.

gold ring

One could argue that for most individuals, gold naturally refers to a glimmering shade of yellow gold, whether it be a gold ring, gold earrings, gold necklace or a gold bracelet. Of course, gold jewelry is also crafted in other colors, including white gold and rose gold. However, apart from its external appearance, it is also what is inside that counts – especially when it comes to gold.

GLIZAR French Femme Hollow Buckle Earrings

Gold jewelry is crafted in an array of karats, which refers to the gold’s purity and the ratio of alloys that are combined with it. In terms of gold karat, the typical options are 10k, 14k, 18k, and 24k. The higher the value in karat, the purer and more refined the gold is with 24k being pure gold jewelry. However, gold is, in fact, a metal that is naturally soft and malleable. As such, a piece of jewelry that is crafted with 24k gold is not actually the most durable or the best option for every day jewelry pieces. This is especially true for gold rings and bracelets, which experience heavier wear. A better option for long-wearing jewelry is 18k gold.


18k gold includes a combination of pure gold and alloys, which provides the metal with more hardness. Therefore, 18k gold jewelry, whether in yellow, rose or white colors, provides a much-preferred balance of gold content, strength and durability. These characteristics make 18k a better option for gold bracelets, gold earrings, gold necklaces, and gold rings.
Christina Two Crosses Ring

Having said all this, one can then wear Glizar’s Christina Two Crosses Ring and even combine it with the Dolce Open Ring without having to worry that the jewelry pieces will get heavily scratched as one goes about the day or that they will inevitably end up looking worn out. One can also securely wear dangling earrings like the Rose Gold Big Eye and Star Sparking Earrings without fear that it will break regardless of how much ones moves around. As such, if there’s a golden rule, it would be to choose 18k over 24k for gold jewelry that you can wear every day.