When going for gold, there are, in fact, a few different options that one can choose from. It’s vital to be aware of and to comprehend what these options are in order to achieve the best value for money, regardless of whether one intends to purchase silver or gold jewelry. When it comes to demi fine jewelry, gold filled and gold vermeil are two of these options. What’s the difference, you may ask? Let us clarify them for you.

gold plated jewelry
The price of gold metal can be considerably high. Therefore, solid gold jewelry is not only expensive but can likewise be impractical to wear, especially on a daily basis. However, one need not fret. There is an alternative to this in gold filled and gold vermeil jewelry. These two provide the lavish look of gold without the lavish price tag. However, there are significant distinctions between the two, which one must be aware of.
Gold plated jewelry
Somewhat of a misnomer, the term “gold filled” can be quite misleading not in large part due to the very fact that it does not actually refer to jewelry that is filled with gold. Rather, it refers to a traditional process wherein a thin sheet of gold, usually 14k or 18k, is mechanically bonded using heat to a lower-priced base metal, which is usually composed of brass or copper. Gold filled jewelry is measured by weight and the gold layer must make up at least 5% of the gold jewelry’s total weight.
Gold plated jewelry
A more modern technique is what is referred to as gold vermeil or heavy gold plating. Gold vermeil is a description for jewelry which also has a layer of genuine gold that’s bonded to a base metal. However, in the case of gold vermeil, the base metal must be sterling silver and the gold layer must be at least 10k. The layer of gold must also be a certain thickness, typically between 1 to 2.5 microns.

Both gold filled and gold vermeil jewelry pieces are great to wear for every day. Our Mia Pearl Ring, Zara bracelet, Salma earrings, and Fina Opal Loop necklace are just a handful of the affordable designs that give you the luxury of real gold jewelry, which you can wear on a daily basis.