Amidst fine jewelry and costume jewelry is the wonderful world of demi fine jewelry. This distinct category of jewels bridges the gap between ultra-expensive fine jewelry styles, including custom jewelry designs, and inexpensive costume jewelry pieces. This makes demi fine jewelry the choice to wear for countless occasions.

Custom jewelry

By tradition, demi fine jewelry is crafted with a combination of metals and semi-precious gemstones while utilizing high-quality finishes. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and other styles that belong to the demi fine jewelry category are often crafted using sterling silver, brass, and 14k or 18k gold vermeil. These can then be designed with a variety of semi-precious gemstones, including amethyst, garnet, and turquoise, to name but a few. They can likewise be crafted with cubic zirconia, pearls, zircon, and crystals. By doing so, one gets the look of expensive jewelry without the actual exorbitant price tag.

Custom jewelry

Demi fine jewelry pieces are exceptionally ideal for every day wear. These pieces are crafted in a wide collection of chic and au courant designs. One can, therefore, wear them on their own, or layer them on and mix and match to complete an outfit. Furthermore, one can put on multiple pieces without fear of losing a highly expensive piece of jewelry as you go about your busy day. Simultaneously, one also need not fear the not unlikely consequence of donning costume jewelry with it falling apart or leaving an unseemly stain on the skin.

custom jewelry

Among the best sources for demi fine jewelry are Jared jewelry, Effy jewelry, and, of course, Glizar. At Glizar, we’re proud to present you with an assortment of demi fine jewelry that are not only unique in design but also highly wearable. Stack the Luna bracelet along with the YVY Hoop bracelet and the Daria bracelet and pair them with our three chain Amalgam necklace for a chic and versatile style. With our variety of eye-catching designs, you’ll undoubtedly discover pieces that will not only complement your personal aesthetic but will also take you from day to night.