A requisite of style and an essential element of everyone’s jewelry box, necklaces adorn the neck area and draw attention up to one’s face. This pillar of jewelry design comes in a multitude of styles and constructions. Designs that transcend time, including some of today’s most popular and fashionable necklaces, range from dainty and delicate to frivolous and ostentatious. Regardless of your own personal fashion inclinations, there’s sure to be a style that comports to your own individual aesthetic.


A chain necklace is undoubtedly a style to get locked in on. With numerous types of links to choose from, one simply cannot go wrong with a chain necklace. Some of the most ubiquitous and sought-after forms today include the anchor, rollo, byzantine, figaro, curb, snake, and the paperclip chain, with it being arguably the most popular of them all. Fasten a single chain, wear a variety of styles, or wear one with a combination of links for a contemporary take on the timeless style.

Charmed necklaces

2.Pendants and Lockets

A necklace with a single pendant could be considered a cornerstone of every necklace collection. With an infinite array of pendants available, there’s more than one for every occasion and fashion. Of course, among the most popular and sentimental types of pendants is a locket. Since time immemorial, it’s been a subtle and stylish way to keep a loved on close by.

Charmed necklaces


Sometimes, a single pendant just isn’t adequate. A necklace with a selection of charms serves as a lovely adornment around one’s neck. Whether it be a necklace featuring charms in a uniform design or one with an assortment of shapes and figures, a charm necklace is, without a doubt, charming.

Charmed necklaces


A close-fitting style that’s worn higher on the neck, a choker necklace can be constructed in varied materials. Whether it be fashioned out of fabric or metal, designed plain or embellished, the choker is a style that will never go unnoticed.


In contrast to a choker, a bib necklace is a style that lies flat on the neck and extends towards the chest area. Bib necklaces are often wider in size and feature intricate designs. In terms of fabrication, they can be designed in metals, fabrics, and with a variety of semi-precious or precious stones.


There’s a reason why gemstone necklaces are a staple of no less than Anna Wintour’s wardrobe. Take it from one of the most powerful women in fashion, necklaces with gemstones are a sure fire way to best compliment any ensemble and brighten one’s features

Charmed necklaces


A lariat has an extended strand suspended from the main necklace that fits around one’s neck. It is also frequently referred to as Y-shaped necklace, in reference to its silhouette. It’s an ideal style to wear with open necklace as it draws attention to one’s décolletage.

Charmed necklaces

8.Triple Strand

Triple the strands, triple the style. In lieu of layering multiple necklaces, a single triple strand necklace provides dimension, movement, and embellishment. A combination of chains, pendants, charms and other trimmings makes every triple strand necklace singular in style.

Charmed necklaces


Beaded necklaces are a casual and playful alternative to solid metal styles. Whether designed in coordinating or contrasting colors, with uniform or mismatched beads, with or without charms and embellishments, beaded necklaces are a fashionable way to enliven virtually any ensemble.


Almost every piece of jewelry has personal significance but nothing can be quite as meaningful as a one of a kind, personalized necklace. A blatant nameplate necklace, an inconspicuous initial pendant, or an entirely subtle zodiac charm are some of the modish styles of personalized necklaces.


Few necklaces are more elegant and lady-like than a pearl necklace. Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s with an understated yet undeniable sophistication and refinement. A full, single strand of pearls or multiple strands with an embellished clasp will always transcend any trend.


Contrary to what its name suggests, princess style necklaces are not merely fit for princesses. While its nomenclature is in reference to both the length and design of a necklace, it also fittingly describes its indisputable sense of regal style. Add any form of precious stones to it and there’s no denying its dazzling grandeur and opulence.


Far from subtle, oversized necklaces are meant to be striking, stunning, and sensational. With either large links, oversized pearls, bold embellishments, and other grandiose elements, these are necklaces that are meant for loud fashion statements.