Now that we’ve entered the month of June, it’s officially Pride Month. It’s a truly special time dedicated to the LGBTQ community. It’s an occasion that reminds us to not only recognize and respect but celebrate everyone, everywhere, all the time – all people of all genders, pronouns, colors, and creeds. Now more than ever, there’s no better time to take pride and show off your true colors – in more ways than one.LGBTQ Pride MonthIf there’s one thing that Pride month reminds us, it is to never be afraid to be our true selves all year around. Be who you are, say how you feel, love whoever you want, and well, wear whatever you want as well. We’d like to think that being out of the closet, figuratively speaking, means enjoying any and all types of fashion. After all, personal freedom and the freedom of expression includes wearing any of the clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, and absolutely anything else that your heart desires.

Why not take pride and be your dazzling self in sparkling jewelry. Celebrate and honor the fact that love wins by donning a coordinating couples necklace with your significant other. A couples necklace is a discreet yet meaningful way to wear a symbol of your love. Whether it be a necklace with two interlocking twin circles, a necklace with a single heart pendant or one with hearts arranged in the shape of a clover to signify both your love and good fortune, a necklace with a symbolic design is a great physical representation of your love. On the other hand, you can also choose an entirely subtle pair of matching chain necklaces to serve as a couple necklace, symbolizing your unbreakable link to one another.Unisex necklace

Pride month is, of course, also a celebration of one’s individuality. Demonstrate your own uniqueness with a pair of cool earrings. A unique design with an abstract and exotic form is certainly a cool earring that will be unlike anything worn by anyone else. Another way to stand out like no other is by wearing cool earrings that are mismatched. Asymmetrical earrings with a stud design on one ear and a dangling design on the other will surely draw attention to your singular style. If matching is more to your preference, why not opt for an unexpected design, such as a pair of cool earrings in the shape of twisted nails or even crystal encrusted safety pins.
Unisex earrings
You can also talk with your hands without saying a single thing by wearing an array of rings on your fingers. Wearing crystal rings that not only match your sparking personality but also reflect your multifaceted character is another great way to convey your personal style and recognize your individuality, especially this Pride month.

Crystal rings with a crisscross design and wave patterns create a beautiful juxtaposition between the soft, fluid silhouette and the hard crystals and metal. On the other hand, a crystal ring in tri-color layers of gold, silver, and rose gold could be considered an ode to the multiple layers and dimensions of your style. You could also opt for crystals rings with eye-catching features such as a knot or a dangling chain to complement your unique aesthetic.
Unisex rings
Whatever specific types of jewelry you prefer, may they be one of a kind couple necklaces, cool earrings, or crystal rings, don’t reserve your favorite pieces for Pride month alone. Remember that every day is an occasion to celebrate who you are by dressing however way you like.