Brand Story

Jewelry to Jolt the Jaded

GLIZAR was born out of a desire for change. The reality is that in a world that’s constantly evolving, your style will inevitably change, too; however, we noticed a lack of varied designs that reflect today’s modern society. Many conventional jewelry brands rely on derivative designs that have seen countless iterations, topped with exorbitant price tags. So, we resolved to create something new, a place for the jaded to escape and find elation in a community where ingenuity is celebrated, not simply tolerated.

When determining the direction of our brand, we found ourselves returning to the needs of women today. Today’s multifaceted woman flaunts her individuality and her ability to slip into new roles: an ambitious career woman, a trusted friend, a passionate lover. She needs a jewelry brand that meets the demands of her fluid, unprecedented lifestyle. We sought to create innovative designs that seamlessly fit her mood, occasion, and budget. This marked the beginning of Glizar, where our original designs liberate you from the shackles of conformity and enable you to fulfill your every desire with incredible ease.

About Us

At GLIZAR, we create high-quality jewelry pieces that allow you to express yourself without inhibitions, pieces that inspire chaos, peace, and love - the perfect adornments to your freewheeling spirit. We encourage you to embrace change and every part of you that strays from the conventional. So, when you wear GLIZAR, we hope you are reminded of your power to make audacious choices to your heart’s content.

Our collection features designs unlike anything else, striking the perfect balance of avant-garde and approachable, putting our own spin on the classics. Our distinctive pieces are crafted with intention, manufactured to enhance your ephemeral style. In this way, we create a trailblazing community that inspires, empowers, and invigorates. With your help, we can break the monotony currently saturating the industry - rules be damned.

Mission Statement

At GLIZAR, our mission is to create a novel jewelry experience for our customers to find unique pieces that represents the perfect blend of approachable, traditional, and avant-garde.

Timeless Design

Not all design deserve the GLIZAR name. Our talented design team always walks on the edge of avant-garde fashion and classics to bring you designs that are modern yet timeless.


An extraordinary level of attention to detail is at the core of everything we do. We want each piece of jewelry to radiate elegance, innovation, and individuality. Our collections are a seamless blend of classic and contemporary, style and sustainability, aspiration and accessibility. Each design combines a mixture of brilliant gemstones, fluid lines, and avant-garde shapes, which are then perfected with the finest quality materials and exquisite finishes.

In order to make our styles simple and refined, we utilize environmentally-friendly copper alloys that have favorable ductility and plasticity as raw materials. These blends enhance the lines of the products, making them exceptionally beautiful.

Fine Materials & Innovative Plating Process

We select high quality precious metals and implement the most innovative creation techniques for our designs to guarantee optimal quality and longevity. Our pieces are designed for women that express themselves through their personal style on a daily basis, which means we are dedicated to crafting jewelry that stands the test of time.

Our diamond-cut AAAAA grade zircon is individually hand-set to ensure that each product is dazzling and vibrant. Not to be confused with cubic zirconia, this stunning natural stone has an especially high refractive index and dispersion level, which gives it the ability to outshine many other gems.

Each 14K and 18K gold-plated piece undergoes a comprehensive yet environmentally-friendly 16-layer electroplating process that enhances both the quality and appearance of the jewelry. We use a vacuum furnace at a stable high temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit to improve ion activity and increase the electroplating bonding rate by three times.

●Layers 1-4 are sealed with surface optimization plating to create a smooth and flat surface, often reaching the ultra-fine level of a micron.
●Layers 5-8 are treated with surface oxygen barrier protection electroplating, which isolates oxygen from infiltration and oxidation. This prevents copper precipitation and rust in the future.
●Layers 9-13 are plated with 14K or 18K gold. We gradually increase the thickness level with each layer, which also enhances the electroplating bonding rate.
●Layers 14-15 are toned to create a double-layer of coloring that enhances the brilliant gleam of the gold, making the jewelry even more stylish and lustrous.
●Layer 16 is the final treatment of a thin yet powerful nano-scale protective film coating. It protects the piece from scratches and oxidation while improving the texture of the gold.

Layer by layer, the jewelry becomes increasingly more luminous and durable. We always follow this meticulous method to produce pieces with outstanding levels of strength and luster.

A Trailblazing Team

As we continue to grow, so does our team. For a brand that embraces change, this is music to our ears. Many talented designers and artisans are proud to call Glizar home. They are passionate about their craft and wield their talents to bring their visions to life with precision, creating iconic designs for iconic women.

Our zeal for superior accessories is tireless, influencing our every decision. Our quality assurance team has over 20 years of experience in the industry and dedicate themselves to ensuring each product meets our highest standards.

From concept to completion, we monitor every step of the process, guaranteeing ethical methods are always present. In addition, we maintain strong professional relationships with our manufacturing partners, who share our values and strive to create long-lasting pieces that you’ll cherish for as long as you wish.

Our Edge

Ingenious jewelry design, sustainability, and ethics are our passions. We’re committed to crafting jewelry that encapsulates the 3 pillars of our ethos, therefore we only partner with suppliers that share our values. We’ve never believed in cutting corners, as we always strive to provide the best for our customers. Since our inception, we were resolute about finding a factory that upheld our vision for manufacturing high quality jewelry through impeccable artistry.

After an extensive search, we sourced a factory renowned for its advanced level of craftsmanship. Their adroit techniques have allowed us to produce premium pieces at an affordable price point, making high quality jewelry accessible to chic women all over the world.

The factory that we collaborate with has 38 years of experience within the jewelry processing industry. This elevated level of experience has allowed them to master a highly efficacious manufacturing procedure that scarcely requires reproduction. Their extensive team of exceedingly skilled craftsmen boasts a production loss level that is 30% less than the industry median. This results in minimal levels of waste, maximal levels of productivity, and reduced production costs that are significantly lower than the rest of the jewelry industry.

Our suppliers adhere to our high ethical standards, which they exhibit through their coherent regulations and secure work environment. The factory works in limited production quantities, and ensures all of their processing tools and factory equipment are fastidiously arranged and stored. All workers are assured a positive workplace where they are compensated with high wages and treated with respect.

We consider our work with the factory to be a genuine partnership. Ideas are continually shared between the design and manufacturing teams. We habitually visit the factory to study the masterful production process, and we are proud to say that we always learn from each other. By constantly collaborating, we are determined to make progress within the industry together.

Looking Forward

Part of what makes us proud to claim a spot in this industry is its unpredictability. As for our future? We are confident more innovative designs, stellar craftsmanship, and unique shopping experiences are on the horizon. GLIZAR glimmers with possibility and, with your help, we can revolutionize jewelry forevermore.